How To Participate

There are four ways to participate in WildFest San Antonio. Our site is currently under construction. Please excuse certain links not working at this time.

  • As an Attendee to one or more of our WildFest San Antonio Programs or Events
    To learn more about attending events or programs please see our WildFest San Antonio Programs & Events Schedule.
  • As an Organization hosting a Program or Event
    If you are an Organization, Local Attraction, Park or Natural Area interested in hosting a Program or Event, please see our Organizations & Events Registration Form.
  • As a Group or Individual Volunteer helping with our Programs or Events
    If you are interested in volunteering as a Group or Individual to help with our Programs and Events, please email us at our Contact Us section.
  • As a Contributor helping to fund WildFest San Antonio
    To learn more about becoming a Contributor, please see our "Become a Contributor" section.