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Wildfest San Antonio  is an annual birding and nature festival held every May that celebrates the city’s unique natural and historical environments.  With its abundance of natural and historical areas such as Mitchell Lake, Medina River Natural Area, Government Canyon State Natural Area, the Missions National Historical Park and others, San Antonio is one of few large cities able to host such an exciting and diverse event.

The festival offers a broad spectrum of workshops and fieldtrips that will include birds, butterflies, bats, plants (wild flowers), art, history and geology.  We also have a number of the events will be focused on getting children involved in nature.  And something new to WildFest 2011 is a 5K run, “Run Wild San Antonio”.

As you read through the list of activities, we’re sure you will find events that match your interests, as well as some that answer those agesold questions. “Were there really saber-toothed cats and American mammoths in the early days of Lookout Canyon”?  “What did the Applewhite Reservoir almost cover up”?  “Just what is an “Owl Prowl”?  “What animals can you see besides bats at the Bracken Bat Cave, and what are they doing there”? And, “What are hackberry trees good for, anyway”?

We’re excited about WildFest San Antonio, and delighted to promote San Antonio as a top-notch eco-tourism destination.

– The WildFest San Antonio Planning Committee